pugs and its types

Pug and Its Types

Belonging to the American Kennel Club, Pugs are extremely compact dogs with a flat face, deep wrinkles around big, dark eyes, and a short coat that needs minimum grooming. These are house dogs who love to be around humans and affectionate to all age groups. These dogs have minimal exercise needs as compared to other breeds of dogs.

We are further going to look at the types of this indoor dog and some fascinating facts concerning this breed.

Based on their coat color, pugs are generally of three types i.e., Fawn, Black, and Brindle. These three are the main types, but many other types exist. Let’s study these main types in some detail.

Fawn Pugs

This category is further subdivided into a fawn, silver fawn and apricot fawn.

  • The Fawn Pugs are light-colored, having a yellowish-tan coat that seems almost off-white.
  • Apricot Fawn Pugs have a deeper tan equating to almost gold or orange color, giving them an attractive look.
  • Silver Fawn Pugs are light gray to white. These are the rarest category of the fawns.

Black Pugs

The coat of the black Pug is jet black and has a shiny appearance. Some of these have white markings, usually on the chest. In their old age, their coat begins to show some gray hair, which is more evident in black Pugs due to their coat shine.

Brindle Pugs

Brindle Pugs coats are a mixture of light and dark shades, usually ranging from grey to black. It’s believed that the brindle shade entered into this breed through another breed, so a brindle Pug should not be considered a purebred. This, however, is still a debatable topic.

Diet, Lifespan, and Exercise requirements

These dogs live for up to 15 years if fed a healthy and nutritious diet and kept away from treats as these love to eat that could lead to obesity. These should also be trained to exercise as it keeps them active and fit; otherwise, the amount of food they eat will lead to health issues and laziness.

Interesting facts about Pugs

  • It is thought that pugs have origins in 400 B.C in Asia, and Napoleon’s wife Josephine had a Pug named “Fortune.”
  • A group of Pugs is referred to as a “Grumble.”
  • It was believed that they bought good luck in earlier times due to the wrinkles on their forehead resembling the Chinese character for “prince.”
  • In Tibet, Buddhist monasteries kept these dogs as pets.
  • If they are not trained well, they become very lazy, sleeping for about 14 years.
  • These dogs are prone to cold because of their short noses.
  • These dogs are believed to be much in little due to their lively nature.


This breed is one of the best human dogs as it is safe for kids, too, as they cannot be really hard. If you’re looking for a companion in dogs, this is one of the best contenders.

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