black pug puppies

Black Pug Puppies

Coat color Black Origin Originated from China Availability A little rare Price Not known Black pug puppies are incredibly adorable as pugs tend to have bold and dark eyes even when they are younger. These features might become a problem for them, but these are quite a distinguished variety due to them. Physical Features Being puppies, …

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Black Pug

Black Pug

Image Preview Coat color Black Origin Originated from China Availability A little rare Price $900 – $6000 Pugs are adorable dogs that are available in a wide range of colors, and black pugs are one such variety. These are known as Black pugs due to their coat color. Their temperament, health issues, and caring needs …

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Miniature Pug

Miniature Pug

Coat color Possesses multiple color coats Origin Chihuahua X Pug Availability A little rare Price $300 – $4000 Miniature pugs, also known as toy pugs, mini pugs, or micro-mini pugs are small-sized pugs that result from a cross between a Chihuahua and a Pug and hence address as a Chug (Chihuahua + Pug). This crossbreeding …

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Silver Fawn Pug

Silver Fawn Pug

Coat color Silver Origin China Availability Readily available Price Average $1500 Silver fawn pugs are a coat color variation of the fawn pugs. Fawn is one of the two colors recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). According to this valued club, Silver fawn-colored pugs will be categorized under fawn pugs only, and there is …

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White Pug

White Pug

Coat color White Origin Mixed Breeding Availability Extremely rare Price $300 – $2000 Have you ever heard before about a white pug? I haven’t. Pugs exist in a lot of colors, but I have not come across any white-colored pugs yet. These exist but are rare. However, these are similar in various aspects to any …

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Albino Pug

Coat color Blonde Origin Health Condition Availability Extremely Rare Price – Albino Pugs, also known as pink pugs, are a type of pugs, and they are addressed as albinos due to their fur coat color. Technically, albino is not even a category as the absence of color is due to a genetic mutation, and they …

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Blue Pug

Coat color Silver hair thrusted in black coat Origin blue black+rusty black Availability A little rare Price $900 – $6000 Pugs come in blue color too. Are you shocked? So are we. These blue pugs, also known as grey pugs are quite rare to encounter. They are named for the color of the coat that …

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Fawn Pug

Fawn Pug

Coat color Fawn Origin China Availability Readily available Price $600 – $2000 Fawn pugs are similar to a standard pug and show all the features of any other pug you see apart from the coat color, other than that these have a similar body structure and same health problems belonging to the breed. Are you …

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apricot pug

Apricot Pug

Coat color Apricot-colored Origin Gets their coat color from the recessive gene Availability Very rare Price $1500 – $9000 Among the many colors available in a pug, Apricot pug is one of the color varieties of the compact, flat-faced pug. Apart from the coat, nothing is different such as the temperament, physical features, grooming needs, …

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chocolate pug

Chocolate Pug

Coat color Brown or Chocolaty Origin Originated from China Availability A little rare Price –   The Chocolate pug is one of the color variations in the pug’s breed. It is one of the rare colors in most countries, including the United States of America. These have a shiny coat and are loved by one …

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