Chocolate Pug

Coat color Brown or Chocolaty
Origin Originated from China
Availability A little rare


The Chocolate pug is one of the color variations in the pug’s breed. It is one of the rare colors in most countries, including the United States of America. These have a shiny coat and are loved by one and all.

Let us explore a little more about this rare existing breed of dogs.

Physical Features

As the name suggests, the coat of this pug is chocolaty in color, which implies a dark brownish shade. These are named in a fancy way to attract readers and grab their attention. Their face is flat, the nose is short, and possesses a curled tail.


These are charming and playful at the same time. Though they are lazy whenever awake, they make the most out of it. If you’re someone who loves their privacy, this dog is certainly not for you!


These need regular cleaning of ear flaps as dirt particles, and food may get trapped there. Other than that, you can bath them once a month or as and when required, but you need to ensure that you close their eyes as they are prone to infections easily. All the other needs are the same as what dogs require.

Health Issues

These face breathing problems due to the short flat nose and eye problems such as corneal ulcers and dry eye.


These are high maintenance dogs who can adjust with kids and old generations as well. Chocolate colored coats make them look desirable, and anyone would dream of having this as their pet.

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