Pug Harness

When you introduce a pug in your home and family, you tend to take care of everything and provide the new member of the family with the best of everything. Pug harness is one among those. If the harness is comfortable for your pug, you worry less and leave your dog in a happy mood.

We have listed the best harnesses for dogs for you to select one for your pug. A summary table is also provided below to take a quick look at the options. 


Product TitleRabbitgoo Dog HarnessPuppia Dog HarnessVoyager Step-in Air Dog HarnessBolux Dog HarnessThinkPet Reflective BreathableHarness
SizeAvailable in different sizesAvailable in different sizesAvailable in different sizesAvailable in different sizesAvailable in different sizes
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Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Price: $25.98


This is a medium-sized, comfortable adjusting dog harness made of nylon oxford with a cushiony texture that feels soft to your dog’s skin. It is designed with 2 Metal Leash Rings, which facilitates non-pulling and an excellent option for those pugs who pull a lot while being out on walks. 

  • The fast-release buckle helps to put on and take off the harness quickly.
  • It is weatherproof for all-season use.
  • It is not durable, and the clips often break.

Puppia Dog Harness

Price: $19.10


This pug harness is made of 100% polyester that is soft and breathable for your dog. It is lightweight and does not put too much pressure on your dog. This is an excellent option for dogs that don’t pull too much on a leash.

  • The padded neck opening is comfortable for your pug.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine too.
  • It is not recommended for those dogs who pull a lot.
  • The sizes run small.

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

Price: $12.99


This dog harness is another option for your pug as it is made of an all-weather mesh to protect your dog and keep him comfortable. It is easy to put and take off with three safety features making your walks comfortable.

  • It is a simple and easy-to-wear harness.
  • It comes with triple-layer safety features to keep your dog protected.
  • It is loosely stitched, which often comes out in a few uses.

Bolux Dog Harness

Price: $14.98


This is one of the perfect options for your pug that is super comfortable as the weight is evenly distributed on the whole body avoiding pressure on one point. It comes with a sturdy handle made of nylon.

  • It has a tight grip and lets you hold on to your dog quickly.
  • The adjustable chest strap allows your dog to move his body freely.
  • The sizes are not reliable, so choose after looking at the size chart.

ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Harness

Price: $13.44


This comes in a very comfortable and lightweight material that does not choke and comes in custom-fit sizes to fit your dog perfectly. It can be soaked in water in summers, which gets trapped in the mesh and acts as a heat exchange providing cooling to your dog.

  • The breathable air mesh keeps your dog comfortable in summers too.
  • This comes with secured edges to avoid irritation to your pug.
  • There are often complaints that the stitching comes out.


Although these are standard dog harnesses, these are the best harnesses available in the market. You can select one for your pug to keep him in a comfortable space because uncomfortable harnesses lead to skin problems in your dog or discomfort while pulling.

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