Silver Fawn Pug

Coat color Silver
Origin China
Availability Readily available
Price Average $1500
Silver Fawn Pug

Silver fawn pugs are a coat color variation of the fawn pugs. Fawn is one of the two colors recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). According to this valued club, Silver fawn-colored pugs will be categorized under fawn pugs only, and there is no separate category for Silver fawn pugs.

This article aims to quench your thirst regarding the information of the silver fawn coated pugs and how it is similar and different from standard pugs.

Physical Appearance

These pugs possess a very light shade and are, in fact, of the most luminous color among all the pugs. They have black ears and black masks and may or may not have traces or a thumbprint, these are markings on the coat desired in the show ring by all the major and recognized kennel clubs.


Though fawn pugs are the most common variety, this subcategory is only 3% among the total pug population. These are extremely rare, and if you own one, you’re a lucky owner.


Being a rare variety, these are comparatively more expensive than the fawn or the black ones. It is priced at $1500 on average for a cute, healthy pug.

Temperament and Health Issues

These are extremely fun-loving dogs who are keen on impressing their owners, and coat color makes no difference to their behavior and personality.

These carry the same breathing issues as the standard pugs and many more health problems as pugs are a sensitive breed who are prone to illnesses very quickly, most of them being nasal related.


I hope all your questions about the pugs with the silver fawn coat have been answered. You can simply equate all the habits of pugs to this variety. The coat color adds a charm to the looks of the silver pug and makes it look more desirable.

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