Black Pug

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Coat color Black
Origin Originated from China
Availability A little rare
Price $900 – $6000

Pugs are adorable dogs that are available in a wide range of colors, and black pugs are one such variety. These are known as Black pugs due to their coat color. Their temperament, health issues, and caring needs are the same as a common pug.

In this article, we are going to learn about this distinct black coated pug, and by the end of it, we’ll be acquainted with this gracious compact dog.

Physical Appearance

Like any other pug, these have the same height and weight, and the difference lies in their coat color, these have a thick, shiny black coat that gives them a royal look. These may or may not have white patches on the skin. Some grey hair also appears when they get older.


A good quality healthy pug can be costly and can range anything between $900 – $6000. The seller may pass on this breed as a rare color and charge a hefty price, whereas these are not that rare.

Are these rare?

These are not as rare as silver pugs but a rare breed when compared to fawn pugs, so these are the second most common color in pugs, the first being the fawn-colored pugs.

Do they Shed?

These have a low shedding rate as compared to the fawn pugs, but as a dog, shedding is natural. Since these shed less, you won’t have to take extra efforts for their grooming needs.


Black pugs are in demand, and one of the possible reasons for the same may be their less shedding rate. In case you’re looking for one, be cautious not to be fooled by the sellers and conduct proper research before buying one.

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