pugs color

Pug Colors

Pugs, also known as “Chinese Pug” or “Dutch Mastiff,” are short-coated dogs having a compact body. These originated from China and gained popularity in the whole of Europe and further became famous all around the world. These are available in different colors. Before we get into further details, we should know that only two colors …

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pugs and its types

Pug and Its Types

Belonging to the American Kennel Club, Pugs are extremely compact dogs with a flat face, deep wrinkles around big, dark eyes, and a short coat that needs minimum grooming. These are house dogs who love to be around humans and affectionate to all age groups. These dogs have minimal exercise needs as compared to other …

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pug temperament

Pug Temperament

Looking at the cute size of pugs, we all wonder how this dog is, and if one thinks of owning a dog, temperament is one thing everyone would keep as a critical factor to consider before buying. Since every buyer has a different need for a dog, those who consider owning pugs are somewhere looking …

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cost of pugs

Cost of Pugs

Cost is one of the essential factors that is considered while wanting to buy a dog. If you’re thinking of buying a pug, know that this breed is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. These dogs are cute, compact, and lovable but leave a hole in your pocket as these are high maintenance dogs …

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