White Pug

Coat color White
Origin Mixed Breeding
Availability Extremely rare
Price $300 – $2000

White Pug

Have you ever heard before about a white pug? I haven’t. Pugs exist in a lot of colors, but I have not come across any white-colored pugs yet. These exist but are rare. However, these are similar in various aspects to any other colored pug; the coat color is different.

Let us know a little more about this variety and get acquainted with this rare species of dogs.

Origin and Physical Appearance

The white-colored pug is a result of selective breeding. The American Kennel Club mentions only two varieties that is black and fawn and does not certify white one, as it is crossbred.

These are often confused with the albino pug due to their coat color. These have a pure white coat with a dark muzzle on their neck.


Even though these do not belong to high lineage as they are not purebred, they are still costly and cost you between $300 – $2000 for white puppy pug. Breeders tend to charge more for designer dogs and continue to crossbreed due to their demand because it is a distinct color not possessed by all.


These are extremely rare, and I am sure you must have spotted one in pictures only if you have ever seen them.

A Controversial Breed?

Yes, you heard it right. This is a controversial breed due to its origin. Since this is a crossbred pug and gets its color from selective breeding, some people believe these dogs don’t qualify as Pugs; that is also why they are considered by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Interesting Fact

There is a famous white pug, named Marshmallow, you can find him all over the internet. It looks so adorable and angelic that I am sure you will be mesmerized just by one look.


Despite being a controversial variety, these are still in demand, so breeders continue breeding. Regardless of all the other things, this is a fantastic variety, and who doesn’t love to keep a pug that is possessed by none?

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