Blue Pug

Coat color Silver hair thrusted in black coat
Origin blue black+rusty black
Availability A little rare
Price $900 – $6000

Pugs come in blue color too. Are you shocked? So are we. These blue pugs, also known as grey pugs are quite rare to encounter. They are named for the color of the coat that they possess.

This article aims to cover some information about this rare coat colored pug. If you are interested in knowing more, keep reading.

Physical Appearance

These are robust, short-coated, which have a blue hue. The coat results from some silver or grey hair thrust between the black hair of the color, giving it a blue shade. They have a short muzzle, compact body with healthy muscles, and a curled tail.

Where does the coat color come from?

As we all know, the coat color is resultant of parents’ genes, and black pugs come in two gene types. The true or the dominant black is also called blue-black because it appears blue-black in sunlight and has two black color genes. The hybrid black is also called a rusty black and has one fawn gene and one black gene. When these two combine, it results in a blue pug offspring.


These do not need a lot of exercise, so they should not be over-exercised as they find it hard to cool down after playing and running due to their short, flat nose. You can play with them in your backyard or inside the house. These are big-time attention seekers and will do anything to grab your attention.

Avoid walks on rainy days as they might catch ailments and eye diseases. Also, keep them covered in winters as they catch a cold frequently.


  • Brush their coat once or twice a week. This would make their skin look shiny and also limit their shedding.
  • Clean their facial folds frequently or at least once a week. This is because their facial folds can store dirt that can irritate their skin, or they can be prone to skin diseases.
  • Use a clean cotton ball to clean their ears.
  • Give them a bath once a month, though it is not a hard and fast rule, and you can give a shower whenever you feel it is needed. Use mild shampoos, and do not forget to cover their eyes.
  • Trim their nails as and when required.

Health Concerns

Pugs are prone to diseases and need proper care as their physical features invite a lot of problems such as nasal diseases, shortness of breath, and much more.


If you can take care of the needs of this breed, they will give them all to you. These are human dogs and often go into depression if left alone but who would seclude such an exotic pet. Isn’t it?

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