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Pug Colors

Pugs, also known as “Chinese Pug” or “Dutch Mastiff,” are short-coated dogs having a compact body. These originated from China and gained popularity in the whole of Europe and further became famous all around the world. These are available in different colors.

Before we get into further details, we should know that only two colors are recognized by the American Kennel Club i.e., Black and Fawn. But, there are other colors as well such as apricot, gray or silver, smuttiness, and brindle

Colors in Pugs

Black Pug

This one is black in color with a lot of shine and one of the standard pugs. These may or may not have white markings on their neck.

Fawn Pug

This color has a variety in itself. It is lighter in pug puppies and darkens once the dog matures. It is again one of the standard colors because it is…

Apricot Pug

This is one of the variations of the fawn color. It is a darker, deeper orange shade, and these pugs often have a patch of lighter hue on the chest or other parts…

Silver Fawn Pug

This is yet another variation of Fawn and appears as a combination of light cream and grey shade. It is sometimes known as a Silver-colored pug…

Chocolate Pug

As the name suggests, this pug is chocolaty in color, which implies a dark brownish shade. This variety is also rare to find.

Brindle Pug

This is the rarest color among the pugs, which is a combination of light and darker tones. These are bred intentionally by the breeders,…

Blue Pug

These are also called Silver/Grey. These are black pugs with silver hairs stuffed into the coat, and the shade seems to be a…

White Pug

These pugs get their color due to selective breeding and is not a traditional color and a rare one too…

Grey Pug

These are those that have a grey hue often due to a mixture of white and black color.

Albino Pug

These are one of the rarest breeds that lacks melanin completely…

Colors of Puppy Pugs

Do you also wonder if the color of pugs remains the same throughout their lifespan? The answer is NO. The color of the puppies is slightly lighter in the early years while it darkens its hue as it grows up. For e.g., Fawn puppy pugs have a light color, which turns into apricot as it ages. Also, in old age, white hair grows among the natural coat color, which is common among black pugs.

Colors in Adult Pugs

The features and colors in adulthood are sharp and fully developed. The ears and masks are also darker among adults, while at a young age, it is lighter in hue.


We might wonder if the colors of pugs affect their behavior, but there’s nothing like that. It is just a natural selection, and part of genetics comprising the parents and temperament of the pugs is generally based on their parents. So, if you buy a pug, be assured that colors do not cause any changes in the lifestyle of the pugs.

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