Apricot Pug

Coat color Apricot-colored
Origin Gets their coat color from the recessive gene
Availability Very rare
Price $1500 – $9000

apricot pug

Among the many colors available in a pug, Apricot pug is one of the color varieties of the compact, flat-faced pug. Apart from the coat, nothing is different such as the temperament, physical features, grooming needs, and so on.

Let us learn about how these distinct apricot-colored pugs originate and some of the other details about them.


These are scarce variety , and therefore, costly too. For a high lineage apricot pug, you might end up paying as high as $9000. Even if you decide to get a mid-ranged pug, you will have to spend at least $1500.


This color is a part of pug genes, and surprisingly this is not a mixed breed. Pugs have a dominant and a recessive gene. The recessive one is apricot, and both the parents have to pass on the recessive gene to get the apricot-colored pug.

Physical Appearance

Since apricot is a subcategory of fawn-colored pugs, these are similar to fawn pugs. The coat is smooth and elegant. They have a few reddish-brown hair, scattered around their skin, which gives their fur a reddish shade making it look like an apricot. The apricot puppy pugs are generally more red than the fawn puppies.

As they grow older, the intense red color starts fading to a lighter tone forming a peach hue.


These are one of the rarest colors among pugs and are just about 4% of the existing pug population. This is one of the reasons why these are pricey.

Health Issues

These pugs manage to avoid many coat-related health issues and do not need any extra care or unique treatments. However, one should always keep things in mind while keeping this dog.


We are all aware of the great companionship that these pugs offer to humans, and for pugs, with an apricot coat, we get some extra beauty and rarity in our home that is eye candy for the onlooker.

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