Albino Pug

Coat color Blonde
Origin Health Condition
Availability Extremely Rare

Albino Pugs, also known as pink pugs, are a type of pugs, and they are addressed as albinos due to their fur coat color. Technically, albino is not even a category as the absence of color is due to a genetic mutation, and they end up completely colorless.

Let us learn a little more about this medical condition and how these differ from the general category of pugs due to their coat color.

Physical Appearance

These have a short-muzzled face and an almost blonde coat and ashen skin. Along with that, they have an adorable pink nose and paws. These have a peculiar curled tail.

What is Albinism, and what causes it?

It is a medical condition caused by the lack of melanin in an organism’s body. Melanin is a pigment present in all the living organisms which are responsible for providing the color to the hair, skin, and iris. Albino pugs are affected by Albinism that causes the absence of colors, and it appears completely white.

Are these rare?

These are rare as an albino category is not a category by choice or nature. It becomes one due to the lack of color, which happens due to the absence of melanin. This is why these are not recognized by any major kennel clubs.

Health Issues

Due to the complete lack of melanin, these pugs are often photo-phobic as direct sunlight causes severe pain and irritation to their eyes. The absence of pigments also makes them prone to sunburns and UV-generated skin diseases. We all know how essential sunlight is to keep away from fungal infections, and due to the lack of tolerance to sunlight, they are susceptible to fungal infections on their skin, including ringworms.


Due to their medical condition, they demand more care and attention as they are intolerant towards the sun and also photophobic. Despite that, these are as entertaining and full of life as any other fawn and a black pug.

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