Pug Temperament

pug temperament

Looking at the cute size of pugs, we all wonder how this dog is, and if one thinks of owning a dog, temperament is one thing everyone would keep as a critical factor to consider before buying. Since every buyer has a different need for a dog, those who consider owning pugs are somewhere looking for a family pet who is loving and affectionate towards kids too.

Let us know more about the personality traits, behavioral patterns, and temper of this compact looking dog.

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These have a prominent disposition, and apart from looking extremely adorable, they have a calm nature until things are in their favor. As soon as their needs are not met, they turn stubborn. Other times, these are cheerful and amicable dogs.

This breed is the perfect example of “so much in little” and shows diverse personality traits, sometimes being extremely docile while playful in the next minute. These are naughty yet serious breed dogs. That being said, pugs are one of the most loving and caring dogs and have the most tender feelings for humans. All in all, these have a charming, endearing personality.


  • These are lazy dogs who are not involved in extensive barking, digging or chewing and may sleep for more than 14 hours.
  • These behave well with other dogs, too, and do not create trouble unless they sense some unusual behavior.
  • These tend to have a begging behavior, and if the owner gives in to the demands of his early years of growing up, they develop it as a habit.
  • Pugs are big attention seekers and may suffer separation anxiety or even go into depression if secluded or kept in isolation.
  • Pugs’ behavior depends a lot on the kind of training they receive, and if these are allowed to be let loose, they often become grumpy and inactive.
  • They love food and eat a lot, which leads to them being obese, so they should be fed in a limited amount and balanced diet.

Do they have anger issues?

As generally observed, they do not get angry. To get attention, they might throw some tantrums, but their anger is limited to stubbornness and does not get aggressive. Due to their easy-going behavior, they are easy to please with a little treat in their feed as their second favorite thing is food, first being sleep.

To make peace with your pug, you should keep him happy and satisfied but do not go overboard; otherwise, it will spoil them, and they might become demanding, which may trouble you in the long run.


To sum it up, Pugs are attention-craving dogs that have a larger than life and size personality and will go to any extent to keep them owners close to them. So, do not be surprised if your dog follows you everywhere in case he feels you’re not paying enough attention to him.

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