Fawn Pug

Coat color Fawn
Origin China
Availability Readily available
Price $600 – $2000

Fawn pugs are similar to a standard pug and show all the features of any other pug you see apart from the coat color, other than that these have a similar body structure and same health problems belonging to the breed.

Are you curious to know more about this breed? You can continue reading to enrich your knowledge and add to the information you have about these pugs.

Physical Appearance

Fawn colored pugs have a clear, smooth coat that is fawn in color, ranging from a dark tan to a lighter tone seeming like an apricot. Therefore, apricot fawn and silver fawn are two subcategories of the fawn-colored pugs. These have a distinctive black patch around the ears that almost cover their face.

Price and Rarity

This variety is the most common to find and priced moderately. Pugs are generally more costly than many dog breeds, and even if you set out to buy a standard color coated pug, you will at least have to spend a minimum of $600. Anything premium would cost you none less than $1500.

This is not a rare breed, and whenever you spot a pug, it is generally a fawn pug, but that does not snatch any of the cuteness they possess and enjoys all the attention of the owners as well as people surrounding it.

Health-Related problems

These are prone to cold and often find difficulty in breathing due to the short nose like any other pug. Apart from the health ailments due to their body type, repetitive breeding has also led to several diseases in this breed and disregarding the fact breeders continue to breed them to date.


These are adorable but come with a lot of health issues, so you should take this into account if you’re thinking of getting one for you. Apart from that, these are a complete package of entertainment wrapped in a compact body.

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