Brindle Pug

Coat color Brindle pattern coat
Origin Purebred
Availability Rarest
Price Not known

Have you ever heard of a Brindle pug? I’m sure you haven’t. These are a rare variety, and at least I have seen one only in pictures. This is one of the coat color variations among pugs. These are named for the stripes that these pugs have on their body.

This article furnishes some information on this rarely existing pug. You can simply read on to acquaint yourself.

Physical Appearance

These pugs have alternate black and white stripes that are darker than the base color of their coat. Their nose is short and has a muzzle on their neck, just like any other pug. Their coat pattern can evolve over time, but it can’t be expected for a brindle puppy to become fawn or black with time. However, the color intensity can vary.


Pugs are charming, mischievous, loving, and loyal, and so are brindle ones. This goofy dog is an excellent companion dog who will completely snoop into your privacy. He is a lazy fellow who will keep on dozing, so do not expect him to do stuff other than eating and having fun.

Grooming Needs

Like standard pugs, these do not need a lot of care. Though these demand excessive attention but their grooming needs are not extensive and needs cleaning and brushing of coats every three days.

Are these rare?

These are the rarest variety among the pugs that is just 1% of the breed population. It is one of the money-making breeds of the breeders.


If you have this pug, you are enjoying one of the rarest and luxurious pets but be aware of the scamming that goes while purchasing it as breeders tend to fool people and dupe them into false deals.

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